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Artists of Lansdowne

Art Speaks Where Words Cannot Explain

As we grow old, it is easy to lose touch of what we find enjoyment in. Many people go for years without nurturing their creative side. Others remain creative but give up in old age. Never underestimate the power of creativity. Scientists, researchers and those working in aged care all around the world are reporting on the positive effects art therapy can have for seniors. People who engage in creative pursuits when they’re older can experience a range of physical, cognitive and psychological benefits. Cognitive function often improves, as does the ability of some residents to recall past experiences, reminisce and tell stories. The atmosphere is lifted with the ‘joie de vivre’ that creativity brings, increasing happiness and wellbeing whilst reducing anxiety. Everybody is creative, no matter their skills, age or background.

At Lansdowne Gardens we have many talented residents who participate in our weekly art workshop facilitated by the brilliant art therapist, Monique Dery-Boyer. Monique is an artist based in Sydney, and who has an intuitive sense for colour and design in her art. She enjoys painting abstracts, interpretive landscapes and life drawings. She has produced a number of botanical art paintings, most notably, her painting “Calla Lilies” was awarded First Prize for Pushing the Boundaries by The Botanical Art Society of Australia (2007) and it was a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize (2008).

The art workshop is in the Piano Room on Wednesdays at 2pm. All are welcome to come, socialise and create!

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